Before you spend money, double check on a Bond actor’s address by either Google search, contacting them on Facebook, or looking for their official webpage.

You are more likely to get an autograph if you write “To me please, [to my name]…” so they know you won’t be reselling it later. Go generic instead if you do want to resell it later.

Then, buy the still you want on eBay or perhaps from Jerry Ohlinger’s NYC store (big selection online). Then, pad it with cardboard so it stays crisp, and pad it with paper so the ink on the still doesn’t smear/the print doesn’t blur, then send it inside a self-addressed stamped envelope to return to you with postage already on it, along with your request to please ask for their inscription. All this will speed your genuine autographed item to be returned to you promptly.

Follow my rubric and you’ll receive 95% of your items or more back signed, and often very beautifully done as well.