Not what to expect from the movie, but what to expect from the media. I’ve been writing about Bond films for a few years now, and this sort of thing is predictable.

There will be innumerable Bond girl rumors, but almost all of them will be either mega-stars or American, or both  (Angelina Jolie). Remember that there are very few of either who have been cast.

There will also be Bond girl and Bond villain rumors coming out of India fast and furious. Think about it: Richard Gere was publicly excoriated for kissing Shilpa Shetty ever so politely—do you really think an Indian woman can take this kind of role? As for the villain, it’s never from any source but the actor’s own PR people. Ignore it.

Amy Winehouse will be rumored to return as the musician. I think  You can’t dismiss every music rumor, but you can safely dismiss any rumors about a musician starring in the film. The farthest that will go is a Madonna-style cameo.

Icebreaker will be rumored as the title.  It always is.