As I watched The Italian Job the other night (the remake; we watched the original last week), I was struck by how much it owes to James Bond.

It’s based on a 1960s action movie, just as modern Bond movies are based on a 1960s-originating franchise. Michael Caine (the star of the original) is a friend of Connery’s, they contemporaneously starred in ’60s spy movies (Caine was Harry Palmer, Connery was Bond), and co-starred in one of the greatest adventure movies of all time (The Man Who Would Be King).

In the Italian Job remake, the Venice boat chase, and later the car chase, are replete with images and clichés we know from Bond movies. The travelogue feel is very Bond. And, it turns out, the original script was written by Purvis & Wade (although it was later rewritten by Donna & Wayne Powers).

It’s a good movie, and Bond fans will enjoy it. If you haven’t seen it yet (I’m a Netflix hound, and see more at home than in the theaters; I think most people are that way these days), I recommend it.