I was so struck by this one scene in Quantum of Solace, near the end. Bond and Camille are about to go into the Big Explosive Hotel of Death; they’re crouched behind some big rocks, and Camille is preparing to kill the man who murdered her parents.

If you’ve read Ian Fleming, this scene should remind you of the original short story For Your Eyes Only. Towards the end, Bond and Judy Havelock crouch in the woods as Judy prepares to kill the man who murdered her parents.

But here’s the difference: In the story, Bond does everything he can to try to stop her. Revenge is a man’s business. She doesn’t know what she’s getting into. And in the movie For Your Eyes Only, that theme still applies as Bond tells Melina Havelock the Chinese saying about digging two graves.

But in QOS, Bond respects Camille’s decision, and actually treats her like an adult. It’s genuinely feminist, in the sense of genuinely respecting a woman’s choice as equal to a man’s. Instead of telling her she’s not prepared for the consequences, he prepares her.

It’s maybe my favorite moment in the movie; the respect, the sorrow, the shared acknowledgement between them that this will be painful and perhaps unsatisfying, but it’s what she feels she must do and it’s her own business to make that decision.