Thank goodness, 007.

In his Ian Fleming’s Seven Deadlier Sins & 007’s Moral Compass, author Benjamin Pratt highlights James Bond’s function as an essential archetype, the (sometimes) last good guy fighting the ultimate baddies, St. George against the Dragon.

While declamations such as “Watch the birdie, you bastard!” or “Welcome to Hell, Blofeld!” are less saintly than would receive canonization in a typical church, Bond is, deep down, one of the good dudes.

The British anti-hero who quips than grips the nearest deus ex machina to pound a villain into pudding has inspired a hundred John McClanes, Terminators and Dirty Harrys, and has hailed from the ranks of Bugs Bunny and Batman, but there is simply never a shade of doubt about him. James Bond is good.

Several times at the google group, there have been epic discussions over whether Bond can be a civil service murdered yet a moral agent, a flaming fornicator yet a man men want their kids to be like, a dude who demolishes more real estate than five crane operators yet a friend to those who have no friends. In fact, the threads such as “Bond Should Not Sleep With Many Women” have been far and away the most popular threads in the history of the group.

So how about it, fans? What makes Bond, who is really, really bad, so good?

Bond Credit, Good

Bond Credit, Good