Quantum of Solace 2-disc “Special Edition” DVD

First of all, let’s get to truth in packaging. Is this worth even putting on 2 DVDs? The answer is absolutely no.

Disc 1 has the movie, 2 theatrical trailers, and the music video for “Another Way to Die.”
Disc 2 has 4 featurettes and the complete collection of the crew diaries that were posted on the official 007 site during production.

By contrast, I recently rented Rachel Getting Married from Netflix. On a single disc was found: The movie, 2 separate commentary tracks, more than a dozen deleted scenes, and 3 featurettes.

The contrast is striking. There is more and better material on one DVD produced on the cheap than there is on a two DVD “special” set produced by a major studio.

Let’s go over the Quantum of Solace features.

First, the movie. QOS turns out to be a much better movie on home viewing. Its two biggest problems are pacing and disorienting action, both of which are mitigated by the smaller screen and the ability to get up and get a beverage. Unfortunately, the third problem, that QOS is so dark it makes Licence to Kill seem like a Roger Moore romp, is much worse once the other problems are eased. A slow, thoughtful watching of QOS shows all the places where tension might have been eased but was not, where a smile was possible, where the darkness is simply relentless. QOS, unfortunately, will remain a mid-level Bond film despite its dynamic cast (not unlike LTK).

The disc 1 features are negligible. The music video is very good, and I hate to admit it, but the song is really growing on me. But it amounts to about nine minutes of extras in total.

On disc 2, the first featurette: Bond on Location, is really very good. It’s the kind of feature you really want to see on a DVD; it explores behind the scenes and gives you footage, information, and interviews. Unfortunately, the other three all include extended clips from the first one, making it clear they’re stretching out a small amount of material to make it look like more.

As hard as I tried to be fascinated by the production diaries when they were online, I found them dull and repetitive, and didn’t put myself through a second viewing.

And that’s it! So unless you’re an obsessive collector, I’d save my money and wait for the real special edition.