This is a pet peeve I have with location usage, and it’s getting worse. The Daniel Craig Bond movies have no respect for the integrity of a location. Now, I understand that in a case like Bond going to Cuba in Die Another Day, you can’t really film in Cuba. Because, well, Cuba.

But in Casino Royale, almost no place was itself. Venice was Venice, and the Bahamas were the Bahamas, but Madagascar was also the Bahamas, Montenegro was the Czech Republic, and Miami was a combination of England and the Bahamas (again).

In Quantum of Solace, Bolivia, although central to the plot, was never visited. Bolivian locations were filmed in Panama and Chile. Panama also doubled as Haiti.

The whole thing drives me crazy. I understand that filming costs money, but I also understand that the integrity of the Bond films matters to the fans, and real locations are part of that integrity just as real stunts are. Eon wisely backed away from the CGI stunt fiasco of Die Another Day, but they’re actually getting worse in regards to locations. I find it tremendously bothersome. Peeved. I’m peeved.