DVD Talk has a review of the DVD, which will be released March 24.

While most of the review is for the film itself, there is a section on extras which points out that the paltry 40 minutes of talking heads doesn’t justify a second disc. It is obvious to the reviewer, and to me, that a “special” re-release is planned (followed, no doubt, by an “ultimate”).

This annoys me no end. The Special Edition release of the first 19 films was the standard by which I judged DVDs. They were the first DVDs I owned that had such robust and compelling extras. They weren’t “featurettes,” they were real documentaries. I learned a lot and they are a major source of inspiration for my writing.

The Die Another Day DVD release that followed was pretty compelling. There was a lot of stuff about the special effects, and it was very watchable. It was worthy to stand on a shelf with the other nineteen.

But that was all before the Sony acquisition. These releases aren’t worthy of the fine quality of Daniel Craig’s work. Even though I’m not crazy about QOS, I am a big fan of the rebirth of the series, and what they’re trying to do. I think they got it very right with Casino Royale, and not quite so right with the follow-up, but I’m overall pleased with the franchise trajectory.

Making money off a DVD release is important. Milking the fans by giving them a lousy DVD followed by a good one is not the way to do it.