You know what’s stupid? A list of the greatest car chases in film history that doesn’t include Goldfinger. Seriously! The Times chose Quantum of Solace, with its crazy-cut editing and impossibility of figuring out who is chasing whom at any given moment, to represent Bond films on this list.

Look, if you know films, when you see the headline “Greatest Car Chases” there are things that you know. You know that The French Connection will be up there, and may be number one. (And rightly so.) You expect to see Bullitt and the original Italian Job. This list has all three. And you expect to see Goldfinger. You always see Goldfinger. It’s downright contrarian to omit it, especially in favor of Quantum of Solace.

I do believe that, when I update my book to include QOS, this car chase will be on the “Worst” list, because the squandered potential is so enormous. Great cars, great location, skillful driving stunts, and you can’t see a damn thing.

By the way, if you love comedic car chases, you should definitely check out What’s Up Doc?, a very funny update of the screwball comedy for the seventies, which does a take-off on the Bullitt chase that is delightful in its own right.