I was contacted by E! Online to comment on a comparison of Bond to Bourne. Of course, I’ve written here about it in the past (but the E writer didn’t realize that). I don’t think that Bourne is long-term competition for Bond, although yes, this year audiences like Bourne better.

A recent Fandango poll would seem to make the task difficult. Fifty-two percent of respondents said they prefered Damon’s Bourne to Craig’s Bond, compared to 48 percent who sided with 007. (Fandango and E! Online are both owned by Comcast.)

But to Deborah Lipp, author of The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book, the question is all wrong. The Craig Bond, she says, is what Bond has always been.

“Everything changes the James Bond series. They’re very in touch with the moment,” Lipp says. “Just the way Live and Let Die was influenced by blaxploitation, just the way Moonraker was influenced by Star Wars. So, sure [Bourne] is an influence.”

“But it’s not an imitation.”