The original Golden Gun has been stolen.

Twelve Aston Martins were destroyed in the making of Quantum of Solace.

A Bond collector bought one of the wrecks.

This Marc Forster interview has no spoilers, but photographs reveal an interesting scar on a key character that you may consider spoilery.

The Telegraph likes Roger Moore’s book.

…And they interview Daniel Craig, and give us the low-down on his shoulder injury.

Meanwhile, the New Straits Times interviews Olga Kurlyenko.

Cinematical reviews the London “For Your Eyes Only” exhibit.

EOnline reports on Daniel Craig’s cosmetic surgery.

Fab photo of Roger Moore with Bond girls from six different movies. And here, at the same event, a different photo, this time with eight Bond girls.

Gemma Arterton was born with six fingers on each hand. Okay, that’s very…Ian Fleming.

James Bond playing cards.

Two new musical options for the Bond collector: A reissue from EMI of The Best of Bond, James Bond that includes You Know My Name but not Another Way to Die, and from Silva Screen, James Bond: The Gold Edition, which includes soundtrack selections (The Best of Bond is basically title songs).