The Scotsman reports that Sean Connery’s book sales for his widely-touted Being a Scot are terrible. We previously noted that the book was controversial, and linked to a review citing its many errors.

Being a Scot has sold about 5,000 copies. When one of my books in my small niche market sells that many, I’m delighted. Me, a name no one knows, writing for a tiny audience. When I sell 5,000, I’m all YAY. Sean Connery? Not so much. 50,000 would have been kind of low for such a huge star.

I can’t help feeling a twinge of happy. Connery is a great actor, a treasure of the screen. But there’s something mean-spirited about him. His reflections on his past are all colored by anger and resentment. Maybe that makes me a bad Bond fan, but I’m no fan of the off-screen Connery. Maybe these sales reflect a similar feeling by other potential book buyers.