The latest issue of HMSS is, as usual, about a year overdue. And, as usual, it’s worth the wait. I’m honored to be featured twice in this issue.

My article is Erotic Evil: Bond Films and the Femme Fatale. Here’s a brief taste:

Ian Fleming had no real interest in the femme fatale. His beautiful women are largely powerless; damsels to be rescued, ‘birds with wings down.’ His evil women are hags; Irma Bunt and Rosa Klebb, both “toadlike,” both hideous, both middle-aged. The literary Bond could not be overcome, or even endangered, by seduction, and when he slept with allies of the villain (Pussy Galore, Domino Vitale) it was a sign they were on the side of good.

In addition, I participate in the Editor’s Survey of Bond Villains.