Not identical to the one in my book (even accounting for Casino Royale), this is an interesting list, similar to my own, with some very thrilling stunts.

One thing that happens is, the people surveyed tend to be given a list to choose from, and what goes on that list makes a big difference. This list has the Thames boat chase from TWINE at #5; another survey had it at #1. But is it a stunt? I think a chase and a stunt are two different things; certainly there are several stunts that happen during the chase. But in TMWTGG, the barrel roll is the stunt, not the car chase that included the roll. See what I mean?

Another thing on this list is the Goldfinger ejector seat. Hello? Not a stunt. Was a stuntman even involved? It’s a gadget! Bond pushes a button, a guy looks surprised, and we see an ejector seat with a dummy in it. Not a stunt.

I value stuntwork. I treasure it. Why were we all so angry at the CGI in DAD? Because it wasn’t real. That’s why I’m being so picky here about what is, and is not, a stunt.