I’ve been very negligent in my posting duties; personal mishegas has made my life…complex. Good, but complex. So here’s a roundup of interesting links for your Bond-related reading pleasure.

Sony unveils the marketing campaign.

The campaign includes a Coke Zero tie-in.
The Daily Mail has hot new pictures from Quantum of Solace, in both senses of the word.

A James Bondian mini-camera is about to be launched by Minox. There’s no 007 visible in the picture, but that they name the website www.license-to-shoot.com (not active until September 5) is suggestive.

In collectible news, Books belonging to ‘the real James Bond’ up for auction.

Eon will not be filming Devil May Care.

George Lazenby and Pam Shriver are in a bitter divorce dispute, and every tit-for-tat makes headlines. I have not been posting this ugliness, but a quick search will allow you to see the train wreck for yourself.

Sean Connery has written an autobiography, Being a Scot. While I was busily neglecting to report this, it apparently became controversial. Here’s an article about its many errors.