Vic Flick’s new book just arrived in my mail box and looks good so far!

I am reprinting an excerpt from my liner notes for James Bond NOW, one of Vic’s 007 tribute albums including original works and covers of Bond’s best…

Vic Flick: An Appreciation

Every frustrated guitarist has at some point in their lives practiced “air guitar” in front of a mirror or brandished a cricket bat or tennis racket as a means of emulating an axe-wielding great. Of that, I am certain. We’ve all done it; myself included.

Before I began to string a few chords together, there was only one record I ever wanted to “accompany”…the John Barry Seven’s legendary recording of “The James Bond Theme.” Me, I wanted to play like Vic Flick. In fact, when I “played” my note perfect rendition, I was Vic Flick, transported back in time to Abbey Road Studios, circa 1962, where I was leading a full orchestra into recording history. For me, “The James Bond Theme” is the definitive guitar-based instrumental bar none and the most famous film theme of all time.

As such, Vic Flick’s contribution to the success of the Bond series should never be underestimated and, remains, to this day, as vital as Maurice Bender’s opening title sequences and as innovative as “Q’s” gadgetry. Can you imagine a Bond film without its trademark theme? I thought not. This compilation is, therefore, a fitting tribute to a consummate professional and much underrated talent, whose elegant style has graced more hits than you would ever thinkpossible.

Yes, Vic Flick is the Sean Connery of the electric guitar. Accept no impostors.

—Pete Walker is co-author of “John Barry: A Life In Music”

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