Continuing our discussion of the Times Online series on top 10 Bond this-and-that. Their choice for top ten are actually two different writers selecting top five.

Gareth Scurlock’s top five locations
Jamaica: Dr No
Luxor, Egypt: The Spy Who Loved Me
New Orleans, USA: Live & Let Die
Belgrade and Zagreb, Yugoslavia: From Russia With Love
Outer space: Moonraker

Ginny McGrath’s top five locations
London, England: The World is Not Enough
Cadiz, Spain: Die Another Day [Cadiz is “dressed” as Cuba]
Monte Carlo, Monaco: Goldeneye
Phuket, Thailand: The Man with the Golden Gun
Udaipur, India: Octopussy

I strongly disagree with a few of these. I resent anyplace that is dressed as another place in a Bond film. In the case of Cuba, totally understandable, but demerits from this author. India was under-utilized, and too cliché—why go all the way to India and then show a fake snake charmer? And outer space? Not so much.

Here are my top five:

1. Japan, You Only Live Twice
2. Phuket, Thailand, The Man With the Golden Gun
3. Swiss Alps, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
4. Istanbul, Turkey, From Russia With Love
5. Jamaica, Dr. No

….Not that much disagreement. Cadiz/Cuba actually makes me list—at #10, as does Egypt, at #6.