Carlos Lopez, mayor of Chilean town Sierra Gorda, was arrested for trespassing on the set of Quantum of Solace. The incredibly stupid part of this story is the number of headlines claiming Daniel Craig “fled in terror.” Because seriously, you’re charged at by a trespasser in a speeding car, and stalkers, y’know, kill people sometimes, and what a smart person does is get out of the way. And besides which, the “terror” quote is from the crazy trespassing mayor; not exactly an unimpeachable source.

The interesting part, though, is that this guy is protesting the movie because he’s angry that the Chilean location is being referred to as Bolivia in the film. Unless it’s just grandstanding. Anyway, I agree that countries should be themselves in Bond films. I’m really annoyed that no one set foot in Montenegro during the filming of Casino Royale. Locations should have integrity.

Lopez, who has opposed filming from the start, ignored a cordon and drove his Honda Accord in between cameras and the action. He was arrested and is due to appear in court on Friday for trespassing.

Lopez’s motivations for interrupting filming are varied. Ostensibly, he was protesting at the producers’ deception in shooting scenes in Chile which will be set in Bolivia in the film. The two countries have been on bad terns ever since Chile won huge swathes of Bolivian territory – including Sierra Gorda – in the 1879-1883 war.

Lopez also had issues with the police who, he claimed, had been kowtowing to the film producers. He complained that kindergarten children were not allowed out while filming was taking place, and that people had been fined for listening to music too loudly.

But perhaps his prime motivation was nothing nobler than political ambition. Lopez has mentioned he wants to stand for office amid the bright lights of Antofagasta, a city with a population of some 300,000, and the publicity he has created in taking on 007 will certainly have raised his profile ahead of upcoming elections.