The good people at, when telling me about my contest win (yay), mentioned a current article about James Bond and Scotland, called “Suave Scots.”

The perfect example of [a suave Scot] must be Bond, James Bond.

Not just because of the immortal portrayal by Sean Connery, but because Commander Bond is very emphatically a Scot.

That is hardly surprising when you think his Scottish creator was Ian Fleming

Okay, first of all, Ian Fleming was born in London; his father, Valentine Fleming, was Scottish, and I have no information on the birthplace of his mother, Evelyn St. Croix Fleming. In any event, does that make Fleming Scottish?

The fact is, Fleming wrote Bond as an Englishman, and visualized him as being played by David Niven. He was strongly opposed to the casting of Sean Connery. It was only after seeing Dr. No and being utterly thrilled by Connery’s performance that Fleming introduced Bond’s Scottish background into his novels. So the “not just” statement above is kind of misleading.

Nonetheless, nice article.