Men’s Vogue has a pre-Oscar write-up/slideshow of 50 films that influenced men’s fashions. (Sorry I’m late; I’ve been sick, remember? Still am.)

OHMSS comes in at #23. This just cracks me up. I mean, I suppose “influence” doesn’t mean “influence positively,” but still. I’ve written a lot about how much I hate hate hate Lazenby’s fashion in OHMSS (not that Lazenby is to blame). 1969 was a terrible year to try to film something that looked classy. The best-looking films of that year were period pieces (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Lion in Winter) or gritty hippie fare (Easy Rider). Fitting Bond into the look of 1969 was challenging, and I happen to think director Peter Hunt failed.

See! Bond in his orange golf ensemble. See! Bond make kilt jokes. See! Bond in a ruffled tux. And as each of these overdone costumes makes its appearance, the audience is reminded that Lazenby was a model, not an actor, before this film, and hello, there he is modeling.

Fleming was mocking Goldfinger for wearing the orange golf suit. He’d have rolled over in his grave to see Bond in one.

On edit: Now that I’ve looked over the slide show more closely, I see that #23 is not a ranking. The films are in chronological order.