As you all know, I’ve been pretty sick, so I didn’t catch ET and see the QOS exclusive. But Lee Pfeiffer did, and his synopsis is hysterically funny.

Since none of the Bond segments seemed to last longer than it would take to prepare a minute egg, it was hard to discern a feel for the production. Among those snared into the interviewee’s chair were director Marc Forster, leading ladies Gemma Arterton, Olga Kurylenko and star Daniel Craig. The general news broken by this collective was: nothing. The tight-lipped cast and crew revealed absolutely nothing about the story or the production. “Wait and see”, “Can’t tell you” seemed to be the phrases of the day, though 22 year Arterton did say she had the challenge of shooting a torrid love scene with Daniel Craig on her very first day. How many women out there wish they could be put in such a nerve-wracking situation?

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