I watch the Oscars every year. It’s my Superbowl. This year I watched with a box of tissues and a cup of hot tea. I’m sick as a dog—hence the slow posting.

Anyway, a couple of items of note. First, there were lots of past year videos—padding that had been prepared in case the Writer’s Strike was still on. Two such videos showed Sean Connery; first, in a montage of Best Supporting Actor wins, and second, in a little clip of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones each winning their Oscars (Connery presented the Oscar to Catherine).

Second, the annual In Memorium montage showed both Barry Nelson (the first James Bond, if you’re up on your trivia) and Lois Maxwell. I thought the Lois Maxwell tribute was especially nice; they gave her a nice, lavish shot, looking beautiful, flirting with Connery and then tossing his hat onto the hat stand. I was touched.