Well, get the flu, and all the interesting news goes on without you.

First off, MSN interviews Daniel Craig, and I like quite a lot of what he has to say. Some of this has appeared on Bond sites already, but there are a few quotes that impress me particularly:

Q: Why is it more of a classical Bond movie?
DC: because of the way we’re making it look. There is a touch of Ken Adam in there, a touch of the sixties’ classic spy movies. But you know, we’re being subtle. There’s no big, broad brush strokes here.

I love this. It’s terribly hard to walk that middle line, to be as bold as Ken Adam, but not cross into ridiculous and make a Flint movie. I love that Craig is an actor who is aware of the importance of a film’s design.

Q: Dan Bradley (Second unit Director and Bourne franchise stunt coordinator) is on this, is that an indication this movie is going to get even more Bourne-like?
DC: Did you think it was Bourne-like before? Dan’s here to do exactly what he’s good at doing. He’s just come of Indiana Jones so you might as well ask if we’re going to be more Indiana Jones-like. I’m certainly not going to get into a pissing competition with the Bourne franchise. We’re making a Bond movie.

Thank you, Daniel! I’ve hated listening to the things Matt Damon felt compelled to say about Bond, so it’s nice to hear that Craig isn’t playing that game.

In regard to action, Craig says that twice as much is an understatement, and if it doesn’t hurt you’re not doing it right.

Via AJB, I found this IGN interview with Amalric (which I am finally learning to spell without double-checking). He’s a bit close-mouthed, saying it would be disgraceful for the public if I tell you who this guy is because it’s part of the suspense. But he does reveal something about fighting:

Are there any specific fighting techniques that your character uses?

Amalric: We had this idea – in the script he was supposed to have a secret skill, but we had this idea that maybe James Bond would be more surprised if the villain doesn’t know how to fight. Sometimes with anger you can be much more dangerous than with skill. So I’m going to fight like in school… I was going to say like a woman but thought better of it!

Finally, from CBn I learn that Gemma Arterton, speaking to Reuters, may have revealed the “natural resource” hinted at in the official plot synopsis.

When asked by reporters if she could talk about the plot of Quantum of Solace, the Bond girl gave little away apart from saying her character, Agent Fields, meets 007 in Bolivia, and that there is ‘a lot of oil’ involved.