I got a great comment from MJR/Slef in regard to my “Top Five Bond Girls” excerpt.

I’m shocked. Diana Rigg was excellent in the early Avengers, still good after Emma Peel was toned down to suit US tastes and far better than numbers 2-5 in this list, yet “she leaves this fan behind”???

Won’t not understanding Diana Rigg put people off the Ultimate Fan Book? It’s moved it down my list a bit…

In my experience, every Bond fan has some off-beat opinions. I don’t know a single fan who doesn’t harbor a secret (or not-so-secret) love for a movie that is generally regarded as bad. My “secret” love is Diamonds Are Forever, but I know fans who’ll swear up and down that AVTAK is underrated.

Here’s what I’ve found: If you take a big enough sampling of Bond fans, and ask them for a top five/bottom five, every single movie will appear on both lists. In fact, this robust variety is a big part of what inspired me to write the book in the first place.

In the “Survey Says…” sections of each chapter, I place my personal ratings next to surveyed fan ratings so that you can see where I’m off the beaten track (as in this case). BUT I always respect and validate fan opinion—as I do here, ranking Rigg #1 even though she’s not a personal favorite. And I don’t think it’s bragging to say I have real expertise in fan opinions; I’ve read the details of dozens of surveys and spoken with many, many fans.

No fan likes to feel that they’re being dissed by some author. I hate reading a book that says that my beloved Kara Milovy is a terrible Bond girl. So I structure The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book in a way that includes every fan; you love Rigg, I explain why, and then say hey, she’s not my favorite. Most fans don’t like Kara, I explain why, and then say why I love her. I hope that every fan can see himself in the book because of this structure. The reviews have been pretty favorable in that regard.