This is all over the RSS feeds; it’s been on the CNN site, everywhere.

A FORMER Bond girl turned vicar is helping hard-up families in Merseyside build new homes in a pioneering skill-swap scheme.

Rev Shannon Ledbetter is masterminding the £1.9m project that will see a series of houses built in an area blighted since the 1981 Toxteth Riots, in Liverpool.

Shannon appeared alongside heart-throb Pierce Brosnan in the 1997 James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies.

The former model sported a £250,000 PVC dress in the movie and has appeared on the covers of numerous glossy magazines around the world.

Blah blah blah. Habitat for Humanity is a good cause, and she’s obviously playing the Bond girl card to get media attention, but give me a break. Aren’t vicars obligated to be honest?

If this woman was in Tomorrow Never Dies at all, she was a background extra; they threw a dress on her and told her to walk around; probably in the huge (huge! and crowded!) Carver party scene in Hamburg. (Presuming she’s not just lying outright, that’s the only place for a nameless woman in a glamorous gown.)

And if she wants to be a Lyin’ Misrepresented Vicar to promote her cause, fine, but is no news service professional enough to do the minimum amount of fact-checking? It’s like “Bond” is the get out of jail free card, anyone can claim to be a Bond girl. Hey! Me too! I’m a Bond girl! I totally drove on the same highway as Bond did in LALD. Ten years later. I did!

Update: I originally titled this post “the Lyin’ Vicar” but have changed it because Shannon Ledbetter herself has commented here that she has not been the one spreading this spurious tale. I am grateful for her input.