Here’s a great story told by Tom Mankiewicz during his video-interview at the Hofstra event.

The boat chase in Live and Let Die, and related scenes, were filmed in Louisiana about fifty miles outside of New Orleans in 1972–73. Mankiewicz was amazed to discover it’s like a completely different world when you get a little ways away from the city. The parish sheriffs have all the power in their communities; state police defer to them entirely.

Now, when a Bond film shows up at a location, they spend a lot of money; Eon would be spending about a million and a half dollars (that’s 1972 dollars) in the parish where they filmed. Well, during the conversation about how filming will proceed, the sheriff says to Cubby “We don’t want to see no nigras driving cars around here.”

Yes. Exact quote.

And Cubby says, “Okay then, we’ll take our million and a half dollars to another parish.” And starts to walk away.

The sheriff calls him back, “Now wait a minute, wait a minute,” he says. “Just keep it down to a dull roar.”

So they agreed to film there, and Cubby issued the order: All cars and trucks would be driven by African-Americans.