CBn has a major scoop: No more Brioni, and no more Lindy Hemming.

Just hours after CBn landed the scoop that James Bond would be sporting Dunhill-tailored clothing in the next 007 film comes word from DNR that the decision was grounded in the fact Bond 22 will have a new costume designer.

I am strangely shocked by this. Lindy Hemming won an Oscar for Topsy-Turvy, designed the wonderful, personality-revealing costumes in one of my favorite movies, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and was nominated for an award by the Costume Designers Guild for Casino Royale. Her lush, elegant costumes are a trademark of the modern Bond era.

I suppose her relationship with Brioni and her style are associated with the Brosnan era specifically, but I thought she did great work in CR (and judging by the nomination, I’m not alone). Louise Frogley also has a fine reputation, and a look at her resume makes her seem…earthier. Another one of those “Bournish” moves, I guess.