The other day I posted a fun Bond Blooper clip, and Travis Yoder commented:

They forgot the most obvious one of all: In “Diamonds are Forever”, Bond ends the big Las Vegas strip car chase by turning down an alley and driving the left side of his car up a loading ramp so as to balance on the two right tires and squeeze through a narrow breezeway. When he comes out of it, the car is miraculously balanced on its left tires!

Travis is right, this is the most famous Bond blooper of them all. There’s an interesting story behind it, and kind of a double blooper.

When the scene was first filmed, it was filmed correctly; they went in on the right wheels, they came out on the right wheels. However, in the editing room, they found a crowd of gawkers visible in the background as the car comes out, so they needed to re-shoot. The main crew had already closed up shop in Vegas, so they sent a second unit out. When the footage came back: Blooper. So then they did an insert shot; you actually do see Bond yanking the wheel hard the other way, and Bond and Tiffany leaning first right, and then left, to justify the blooper.

Problem is, if they had the room to switch sides, why drive on two wheels in the first place? So the correction was as wrong as the original error.