One of my favorite Bond websites has long been HMSS. Always published infrequently, it has been dormant since 2002. I have continued to recommend it anyway, because of the quality of articles; the archives will just take you forever to work through, and they’re totally engrossing.

Well, a link on CBn tipped me that they were back, and sure enough, the article linked to is fab; a really deep interview with Bond screenwriters Purvis & Wade. So, after reading the interview, I mosey on over to the main site, and lo and behold, MEGA articles that will take me hours of fun to read.

Starting with the editorial, I find the reason for the five year delay: co-publisher Paul Baack was in a disabling pedestrian-meets-car accident in 2002.

Anyhow, in the course of that pleasant dog walk..I was…hit by a car, thereby breaking a couple of vertebrae in our neck, and winding up in the hospital as a newly-minted quadriplegic.

…One of the consequences of this accident is that HMSS has languished for several years. Months of hospitalization, ongoing physical therapy, and a serious addiction to “The People’s Court” on daytime TV pushed lighter pursuits onto the back burner.

Of course, I wish Paul the best of luck and whatever other kind of wishes he needs. And rah cheer for the return of HMSS!

Go. Read.