In my everlasting quest to belie the idea that Bond Girls are nothing but eye candy, I am offering a list of Bond Girl occupations and pursuits.

The 1960s

  • Honey Ryder: Self-taught naturalist
  • Sylvia Trench: Gambler, golfer, and all-around sportswoman
  • Tanya Romanova: Soviet agent
  • Pussy Galore: Pilot, airshow owner/manager
  • Patricia Fearing: Physical therapist
  • Aki and Kissy: Japanese secret agents
  • Contessa Tracy DiVicenzo: Gambler, skiier, skater, and poetry fan

The 1970s

  • Tiffany Case: Diamond smuggler
  • Solitaire: Psychic
  • Rosie Carver: CIA agent
  • Mary Goodnight: British agent
  • Anya Amasova: Top KGB agent
  • Naomi: Helicopter pilot
  • Dr. Holly Goodhead: Doctor of aeronautics & CIA agent

The 1980s

  • Bibi Dahl: Figure skater
  • Melina Havelock: Underwater exploration and crossbow expert
  • Octopussy: Circus owner, smuggler, cult leader
  • Stacey Sutton: Geologist
  • Kara Milovy: Concert cellist
  • Pam Bouvier: CIA agent, pilot


  • Natalya Simonova: Computer programmer
  • Caroline: Psychologist
  • Inga Bergstrom: Language professor
  • Colonel Wai Lin: Chinese agent, martial artist
  • Dr. Molly Warmflash: Physician
  • Dr. Christmas Jones: Nuclear physicist
  • Elektra King: Oil company owner

The Double-0s

  • Jinx Johnson: NSA agent, markswoman
  • Miranda Frost: Olympic fencer
  • Vesper Lynd: Treasury agent, accountant