I’m currently re-reading Thunderball. Last night, I read Fleming’s description of Blofeld, whom he describes this way:

…he was one of those men—one meets perhaps only two or three in a lifetime—who seem almost to suck the eyes out of your head…Certain great men of history, perhaps Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, among the politicians, have had these qualities.

It struck me as a familiar description, and I realized it reminded me of Casino Royale, in which Fleming describe’s Vesper’s dress this way:

Her dress was of black velvet, simple and yet with the touch of splendour that only have a dozen couturiers in the world can achieve.

I think this sort of thing was important to Fleming, that he’d touched upon the best, finest, oddest, most dangerous, or most evil in all the world. I’m wondering if I will be able to dig up other, similar quotes by Fleming. I think I will. (Do feel free to share your own.)